Event Professional Development Seminar #8: How Knowledge Management enhances teaching and learning? 知識管理如何增強教與學?
Date Sat, 21 Nov 2020
Time 14:30 - 16:30

Online (ZOOM)

LanguageCantonese (廣東話)
Speaker(s)Mr. Tse is a Knowledge Management (KM) expert with substantial practical experience in KM training and consultancy for over 10 years. He worked in NGO and government department in the past and was responsible to lead KM project including strategic planning and project management. He has delivered KM subject to MSc, BSc and executive diploma students. He severed as Visiting Lecturer in various institutions, including PolyU, HKU, HKU SPACE and CUSCS.

知識管理 (Knowledge Management)是在1990年代中期開始在全球學術與商業引起討論的概念,主要針對個人及社群所擁有的顯性和隱性知識的確認、創造、掌握、使用、分享及傳播,以進行積極及有效的管理,涵蓋固有理論及應用層面,包括學習型組織、企業文化、資訊科技應用及人事管理等。知識管理概念通常與企業的策略發展具有關係,不單在現今企業上的實踐愈來愈受到重視,在非商業上的應用亦很廣泛。在此六十分鐘的演講中, 講者會介紹知識管理的基本概念,及如何利用知識管理的策略或方法去協助教師發展教學能力、技巧與經驗,知識管理可成爲促進教師專業成長的有效工具。講者亦會討論在現今網絡科技先進的世界,知識管理扮演何種重要的角色。

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